What is Bettakultcha?

What is Bettakultcha?
Bettakultcha is an evening of short talks accompanied by digital slide presentations. The presenters are all volunteers who have based their talk around something that they are passionate about – which can be absolutely anything. We’ve had talks about, robot sex, the day job of Tin Tin, free software and how to survive frostbite, to name but a few, but they must all follow these simple rules;

• ABSOLUTELY no sales pitches
• 20 slides must be used
• Each slide must last for 15 seconds exactly
• After 5 minutes, the presentation is over

It’s a simple enough concept but the result is incredibly fascinating. At the last event, 250 people filled the Corn Exchange in Leeds to hear fifteen presenters and Tweeted about it so much that Bettakultcha trended 5th in the UK that evening.

Who are the presenters?
They are volunteers. Many are people who have attended a Bettakultcha event and have been inspired to tell the world about their particular passion – anyone can have a go. There is no hierarchy at Bettakultcha. The presenters step up from the audience and when they finish, they step back into the audience. We sometimes do have professional speakers (who don’t get paid) talking about their passions but they are alongside presenters who might never have done anything like it before but feel strongly about something.

Where is Bettakultcha?
The venues for Bettakultcha tend to move around (the only form of sponsorship we accept is subsidised or free venues), but currently the venue in Leeds is, the Leeds Corn Exchange (next event, 12th April 2011).
A new venue has opened in BRADFORD at the Midland Hotel (next event, 27th April 2011) and we have plans to host other Bettakultcha events in Yorkshire towns and cities soon.

How do I apply to speak?
Simply email us at bettakultcha@gmail.com stating your desire to tell the world about your passion and we will send you the details of the process for getting on the bill. Please specify which town or city you would prefer to speak at.

How much is it?
If you are presenting at an event, it costs you nothing. If you are attending an event, the ticket price can vary as we have to juggle our running costs (insurance, screen hire etc.) But £5 is a typical price.

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