What is Bettakultcha? – 7 Things You Should Know

Bettakultcha is a semi-regular event with a cult following in Yorkshire. Our events are a kooky cocktail of conference, comedy club, spoken word and storytelling show.

Yeah, you’re right. It does sound like it shouldn’t work.

But somehow we’ve been wowing audiences for almost 10 years, even though it’s still hard to explain what Bettakultcha is.

One of the key things is that anyone can present. That’s important.

But there’s more to it than that. So, in true BK style we’ve worked up a quick guide.

Whether you’re new, converting a friend or want to relive the happy hazy memories of a past event, here’s 7 things you should know about Bettakultcha:


1. If you like TED talks, you’ll like Bettakultcha

If we told you Bettakultcha was a night of powerpoint presentations you would definitely cackle, throw maggot-ridden tomatoes and Snapchat our well-deserved humiliation.

Instead, let’s say that Bettakultcha is a little like TED talks… except they are quicker, quirkier and a little less wanky.

Now, we love TED talks. We’re not dissing them. There’s some great stuff, but anyone can admit there’s a lot of guff too. How many ‘gurus’ have we seen pretentiously prattle on with the promise to perfect our lives with ‘one weird trick’?

The answer won’t surprise you.

At Bettakultcha our presenters are mostly down to earth folk (even if their heads are in the clouds sometimes!). They come along to talk about anything that they’re passionate about.

And like a Ted talk you get that powerful combo of entertainment and education, but with a grassroots feel.

It’s just a coinkydink that there’s powerpoint involved – which does not sponsor Bettakultcha by the way.

Other slide presentation programmes are available.


2. Presenters don’t sell you their ‘stuff’

Here’s one reason to like Bettakultcha: NO SALES PITCHES.

Since we began we’ve had this strict rule to stop folks flogging their wares or using the audience to fund their get rich quick schemes.

So feel free to chill. The only thing people are selling are ideas, thoughts and feelings on a topic their care about.

No matter how weird that topic is.


3. Talks are about anything and everything

Although every event has a theme, it doesn’t mean presenters have to link to it. It’s an option. Some find it a helpful starting point, others already know what they want to talk about when they sign up.

It just means we get a nice, broad range of topics and presenters.

Our events exist to celebrate unique ideas and niche perspectives. At our October 2018 event we had talks on historical climate change, mathematical aesthetics and an Irish folk song about smelly P.E. kits.

That’s just one example of how Bettakultcha is a smorgasbord of culture wrapped up into one evening.


4. Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they’re something else

Bettakultcha’s quick-fire format (more details below) is the perfect platform for punchy jokes, visual gags and witty tales.

Sometimes we get talks that are like Dave Gorman’s stand up shows.



But the format is ideal for other styles. Sometimes we have short stories…



…sometimes there’s poetry…



…and sometimes talks are very personal.




5. There’s a very specific format, which works like a treat!

These creative possibilities are all possible thanks to Bettakultcha’s specific format.

Every Bettakultcha presentation follows this very rigid, very formal format:

  • 5 minute talks
  • With 20 slides
  • All 15 seconds each

And as you can see it offers enough restrictions to give people a way to present that’s regularly visual, memorable and fast-paced.


6. Sometimes it can get a bit ‘random’

Every Bettakultcha night ends in chaos. But the kind we love.

After the prepared presentations we offer anyone in the audience (not just speakers) the  chance to take on the RANDOM SLIDE CHALLENGE!

No one sees the slides before and everyone tries their best to do a presentation on the spot.

There’s spectacles, there’s disasters but they’re always incredible. And thankfully – for the challengers – they’re only 10 slides long!




7. The most important thing about Bettakultcha is…


…anyone can go up and present. It doesn’t matter if you’re a master public speaker or a first timer, if you present at Bettakultcha you’ll have an audience who is there to support you.

And everyone who presents gets a Bettakultcha badge. Which is nice.

Keep a look out for when we’re looking out for speakers for our next event. We put call outs on Facebook, Twitter and our newsletter.

So don’t be shy!

And we hope you can make it along to our next night. See you then!


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