What is BettaKultcha?

Basically it’s a night to have fun watching people giving presentations on things they love. You could even be one of the people presenting!

It’ll be a relaxed night where the only rules are as follows:

  • All presentations will only be 20 slides long
  • Each slide will last only 15 seconds before it goes on the next one 
  • When 5 minutes finishes so does the presentation 
  • No sales pitches

The kind people at Temple Works have allowed us to use their marvellous facilities on Tuesday March 2nd.

Numbers are strictly limited to 60
So to be sure you get a chance to see these great presentations in advance you’ll need to reserve your place quickly. As a big bloke once said “If your name’s not down you’re not coming in”. So the book my ticket link below to make sure you don’t hear that on the night.


Just like all the classiest restaurants used to do, Bettakultcha with be a Bring Your Own Bottle event and we won’t even charge for corkage (or supply a cork screw!). But hey there may be some plastic glasses, so every cloud etc!

Sorry about the MAN

The MAN as always has to get involved, so we need to have the event insured so we’d really welcome a donation of £1 each towards that. Any extra cash will go to a worthy charity. Sorry the MAN made us.

Would you like to be one of the first presenters?
We are currently looking for people to present on the night so if you have something to say (and something to show) please let us know by emailing us bettakultcha@googlemail.com. You can present about anything you like, we are looking for passion and creativity.

Can you help with other stuff?

We also need the loan of a projector for the evening and also someone with a video camera so we can post the presentations on YouTube and on the Blog.

What do I get?

We will of course give credit to anyone who volunteers help or equipment.

What to do next?
To book you place Click here
To request to present email bettakultcha@googlemail.com or send a Tweet to @bettakultcha
To volunteer to help with equipment email bettakultcha@googlemail.com or send a Tweet to @bettakultcha 

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