Want to present at Bettakultcha?

A BK presenter reads out an amazing short story
Anyone can present – first timers and pros – on anything you’re passionate about: a band, your dog, a historical topic, a story or song you’ve written. If you love it, we want to hear it.

An event like no other – part comedy, part TED talk, part festival with a little open mic, campfire storytelling and improvised monologues thrown into the mix.

Put simply – it’s a night of extraordinary talks from everyday folks.

Everyone who volunteers presents on a subject they’re passionate about and does so using our quick-fire, 5-min format. 

Often funny, often thoughtful and always interesting.

Anyone can present – even YOU…

…even if you’re a timid first timer or public-speaking pro.

You can talk about anything you are passionate about. 

All you need to do is prepare your presentation within the format:

  • 5 min talk on any subject
  • Prepare 20 slides
  • Each slide stays up for 15 seconds
  • And, no sales pitches, please. 

Everyone who presents earns an exclusive BK badge, which you can only get by presenting on the Bettakultcha stage.

A Bettakultcha badge

Everyone who presents earns an exclusive Bettakultcha badge

Bettakultcha is a great place to build your public speaking confidence and share your ideas.

It’s also a great platform to practice and test material if you’re an experienced speaker e.g. comedian, storyteller, poet, writer, professional speaker and more. 


Here is what to do if you want to volunteer to present at one of our events

Get on our mailing list as an “interested speaker” 

You can sign up to our mailing list here and you’ll be one of the first to know about upcoming opportunities. 

Sign up to speak when an event is coming up

When you see an event coming up get on board! You can also sign up to upcoming events below. 

Once you’ve signed up and confirmed to speak

We’ll send you a confirmation pack including all the important things like slide deadlines and venue details. PLUS a free slide template and e-book on public speaking. 


Sign up to volunteer for event now

The wonders of modern technology have allowed us to do this, but if you have any problems just email bettakultcha@gmail.com.


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