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Bettakultcha at Leeds Town HallMyself and Ivor have just about calmed down from Bettakultcha at Leeds Town Hall, It was an amazing night in a truly stunning venue. I was going to write a full blog on my thoughts and feelings on the night. But I’ve been beaten to the punch by loads of other people who actually managed to watch the evening properly instead of running around like a lunatic all night like I was!

Before I get to the links I just want to thank Lindsay Bradshaw and the amazing team at the Town Hall for letting us play with their venue and being so helpful and of course all the presenters, helpers and of course the amazing audience.

Anyway enough waffle from me, here’s a list of the blogs and articles which give their thoughts on the evening that was Bettakultcha at Leeds Town Hall!

Bettakultcha at Leeds Town Hall

If you know of some more blog posts please leave a comment pointing us to it. Also get involved in the comments on the posts, people spend lots of time writing blog posts and they love having real comments from real people. Trust me.

The videos are currently being edited, we’ll be posting them as soon as we can.

Bettakultcha is nearly sold out

The next Bettakultcha at the Brudenell Social Club on March 11th is nearly all sold out, so if you want a ticket for that you’ll need to be really quick you’re too late. Keep an eye on twitter for people looking to swap tickets closer to the time.

Alternatively you can add yourself to the waiting list.

Hope to see you there!

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