The BettaKultcha Clothes Swap

As many of you will know, BettaKultcha has an ethics code and general ‘Do Good’ policy.

On January 17th at the Brudenell Social Club we’re taking this stance one step further and we’re going to be having a clothes swap! Yes, all those totally misjudged Christmas presents of er, amazing clothing given by well meaning relatives, can be now be happily passed onto someone who has an alternative view of ‘good taste’ to your own.

As this is our first attempt at such an idea we ask you to please only bring an item of clothing that is fit to wear: nothing ripped, stained, holey or generally in a state that is unfit to take home to your parents. As we are expecting such a great turnout for this event, we also need to request that you only bring one garment per person – otherwise there won’t be any space for all of us.

This means that you could potentially leave the BettaKultcha event with a brand new look without SPENDING A PENNY! How cool is that? The Brudenell Social Club also has a changing room so there will be facilities to try on clothing.

This will be a (vaguely) organised affair for which we have to thank Eleanor Snare (@ebsnare) and the fantastic Remade in Leeds, whose monthly clothes swaps continue to grow in popularity. So here’s the schedule:

6.30pm – 7.15pm

Hand in your one garment to our team of volunteers when you arrive with your BettaKultcha entry ticket.


Choose your swap from the range of styling togs brought by your fellow attendees.

Make sure you get your swap marked off on our list by a volunteer.

We will also continue the swap after the second half if the clothes haven’t all gone by then!

If you don’t find anything you want to swap after bringing a garment, make sure you let us know – we will pass your ‘swap’ onto Remade for their next monthly clothes exchange (28th January – TBC) where you will be able to choose from an even larger selection of swapped items.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Elly on Twitter and she will do her best to help out! Look forward to seeing you – and your togs – in a few weeks. Thanks for sharing.


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