Random Bettakultcha – The Videos

In January 2016 we held our first and, so far, only night full of Random Challenges. None of the presenters had seen the slides, we had no idea how or if the night would work.

Sue Everett

Sue has been a regular proponent of the Bettakultcha Random Challenge. It’s clear to see why she has a great turn of phrase and goes on brilliant flights of fancy. Oh and she swears like a trouper! NSFW

Jim Murdoch takes to the stage

All the talks will be added to this page, so make sure you pop back regularly to see more. (more…)

When you have no idea who Little and Large are

This is one of the best Bettakultcha Random Challenges we’ve ever had, firstly because these teenagers had the bottle to take this on in front of a large crowd, but also down to the fact that they had no idea who any of these 70’s/80’s comedians are. Pure joy in a bottle!

Filmed at Leeds Corn Exchange as part of Leeds Laughter Fest

Bettakultcha at City Screen in York

We returned to York in January 2014, after far too long. A big thanks to Paul Smith for helping us organise a sold out event at City Screen in the center of York.

We beat the impending floods, lost a speaker (but gained a stand in), learnt about the sex lives of ducks, found swear words around the world, discovered the power of Dr Who’s Sonic Screwdriver among many other things.

We’ll be back at City Screen York again on March 18th.

Here’s how the night unfolded. Enjoy!

Fiona Evans

Paul Smith
Tom Wright

Charlotte Chester

Ivor Tymchak

Mary Ratcliffe

Sophie Jewett – Not actually Sophie Jewett

Richard Michie

David Bannister

Vicky Wilkie

Beckie Senior

And of course the gallant Random Challengers…

Random Challengers at Bettakultcha Huddersfield

Here lie the brave souls who took on the Bettakultcha Random Challenge.

We put together 10 slides which change every 15 seconds, giving the challengers two and a half minutes to talk about slides they’ve never seen before. If you fancy a crack at this yourself, make yourself known at the next Bettakultcha event to either Richard or Ivor and we’ll put you on.

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