Random Challengers at Bettakultcha Huddersfield

Here lie the brave souls who took on the Bettakultcha Random Challenge.

We put together 10 slides which change every 15 seconds, giving the challengers two and a half minutes to talk about slides they’ve never seen before. If you fancy a crack at this yourself, make yourself known at the next Bettakultcha event to either Richard or Ivor and we’ll put you on.

The great Patrick Stewart debate

Bettakultcha Huddersfield was the first, and so far only, Bettakultcha I’ve ever missed. I was tucked up in bed in Romania trying desperately to follow the proceedings using twitter. I managed to dial in and grad a few minutes with Ivor via Skype but other than that I was at the mercy of twitter. So imagine my shock, horror, excitement, joy, confusion etc. When I heard about this presentation…

Down with that sort of thing

Ivor, reprises his anti smoking talk for Bettakultcha Huddersfield. It was last seen in Leeds, but like lots of things in Yorkshire it travels well.

Does he drop the balls? You’ll have to watch…

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