We asked for blogs on what, people think of Bettakultcha, Presenters, Audience, Helpers or people who’d never been.

Here’re Sarah Fox’s thoughs. More to come…

I once read an eminent article in the New Scientist which gave ten proven ways to improve your decision-making. One of those top tips was to get someone else to choose for you.

Thatís what I love about Bettakultcha. Someone else chooses. The speakers are all passionate, knowledgeable and articulate. Sometimes witty, sometimes arty, sometimes moving, sometimes techy; but always fascinating. Iíve learnt about Jake Thackery, the digital age, bananas, Drag Kings, British Standards, art, finding your voice, volunteeringÖ

Itís wonderfully eclectic and totally random. Like an amazing smorgasbord of coffee table literature crammed into one atmosphere-laden pub just waiting to be browsed. Like channel-hopping and always finding something interesting is on.

Sarah Fox

(Audience member, random slide challenge author and wanna be BK presenter)

If you’d like to guest post, please email bettakultcha@gmail.com

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