Sometimes English just doesn’t have the right word

English is the dominant language on the internet, but it just doesn’t have the breadth of words other languages have to describe those events which define a very particular experience.

Russell Norton goes through some of his favourite words at City Screen in York.

Paul Smith Reviews in Internet

When you think you’ve read the internet, go back and read the footnotes, that’s where the real insight lies. Paul Smith has read the best bits so you don’t have to.

Jim on Graham Green

Jim Compares two of Graham Green’s greatest novels, Brighton Rock and the Heat of the Matter and looks at their deeper themes. From Bettakultcha York in February 2015.

How do you hide a battleship?

How do you hide something as massive as a battleship? Paint it in bright colours and cubist abstract patterns of course! Beckie Senior tells the story of Dazzle Camouflage at Bettakultcha York.

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