Bettakultcha at Rise

When the team at Rise in Manchester first approached us, they wanted a very tech-focused Bettakultcha. Rise is, after all, a tech hub in the middle of Manchester’s Deansgate area.

We managed to persuade them that the magic of Bettakultcha is a mix of ideas. So we managed a melange of tech speakers and a the usual Bettakultcha quirkiness.

Unfortunately, the video camera filled up so we didn’t manage to capture all the talks. Apologies to our amazing speakers who’s talks are now lost to the mists of time. We like to look at it on another level though, you had to be there to capture the beauty of the stories they told and in a way that’s how it should do.

One lost talks by Mike Wallis, talked about the demise of the ephemeral nature of data now that everything is digital. The fact that it could only be experienced by those in attendance that night proves his thesis somewhat.

Anyway, enjoy the ones we captured. We hope to be back in Manchester very soon.

Tim Difford on the beauty of Blockchain

Eva Doyle sings for her supper

Sam Easterby-Smith totally wired

Volker Hirsch Populating Smart Cities

Apologies to those speakers who’s talks didn’t manage to be captured. Your efforts are stored in our collective database, in various formats.

  • Ian Brown
  • Carlotta Allum
  • Richard Potter
  • Rajesh Joshi (aka Josh)
  • Mike Wallis
  • And our random challengers

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