At each new BettaKultcha event, Richard and myself are amazed at the standard of presentations; they just get better and better.

It has become apparent that some BettaKultcha presenters have grown in confidence and seem constrained by the 20 slides/15 seconds template. Like fledgling birds they are jumping impatiently on the edge of the nest, flexing their strengthening wings, waiting for the moment when they can really launch themselves into the world. We need to give them space to fly. We are also aware that some people have an amazing talent that will not fit neatly into the 20/15 format and so the BettaKultcha audience are denied experiencing what they have to offer.

So here at BettaKultcha we feel the time is right to launch into the wide blue yonder ourselves. The result is BettaKabaret.

How does BettaKultcha differ from BettaKabaret?

The BettaKultcha format is only a template to help you focus your ideas. BettaKabaret recognises that some presenters are accomplished enough to dispense with the template. To those performers, the only restriction we impose on them is time.

At this stage we’re open to suggestions as to how to organise the event. We could invite some variety acts we know to do fifteen minutes each in a fairly conventional cabaret style or we could see if enough volunteers came forward to surprise and astonish us with their talents.

We’re thinking a combination is probably best—three or four invited acts, interspersed with open mic acts.

If anyone has some other suggestions or would like to put themselves forward to fill a slot then please get in touch at Please include the word BettaKabaret in your subject line then tell us what you propose to do on stage.

For the open mic slots the rules are even simpler than BettaKultcha;

  • approximately five minutes on stage

We even have a date for the event; July 3rd at The Brudenell Social Club, Leeds.

Some of the confirmed acts are; The Story HuntersThe Raphael Attar Variety Hour! Dean from Biscuithead and Harrison Richards.

There’s the usual stuff about the line-up changing at short notice etc. Tickets are available now and can be purchased here.

Fly my baby birds of BettaKultcha and soar like BettaKabaret eagles above the plateaus of mediocrity!

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