Secret Bettakultcha – The Reveal!

On Friday 5th August, @RichardMichie presented the first ever Twitter Bettakultcha presentation which revealed the venue for Secret Bettakultcha.

For those who had better things to do than watch twitter on a Friday night here are all the tweets in order.

  1. So what’s #SecretBK all about then? After 9 in Leeds, 2 in Bradford and 1 in Huddersfield we thoughtit would be fun
  2. Before I get to the venue, what the hell is #Bettakultcha anyway (you may not know?) #SecretBK
  3. A night of presentations might not sound like your cup of tea, but #Bettakultcha is not Death by PowerPoint #SecretBK
  4. #Bettakultcha is ever changing we never know what you are going to get. Sounds odd but we really don’t know what people will say #secretBK
  5. So what’s a #Bettakultcha like? Well the only way to know is to experience it. But here are a few thoughts #SecretBK
  6. #Bettakultcha takes a lot of work and these things don’t just happen so we’re proud to be sponsored by… #SecretBK
  7. Bettakultcha was the brain child of @RichardMichie and @ivortymchak #SecretBK
  8. So why a #SecretBK? People really loved the first small events at Temple Works all that time ago
  9. So we thought we’d have another small #Bettakultcha but make it secret. We never expected the response #SecretBK
  10. The trick was how to keep it secret, twitter is the worst place to keep a secret #secretBK
  11. All the #Bettakultcha talks are on people’s passions and they can be really varied. Here’s a small selection #SecretBK
  12. #Bettakultcha has been around #Leeds a lot so where could #SecretBK be? …
  13. Nope not @templeworks our second venue was a disused church on Cardigan Road could it be? #SecretBK
  14. @LeftBankLeeds was ace but a little too large (and drafty). How about where the free event was in Jan? #SecretBK
  15. Of course Dock Street Market was where the now seminal #TinTin presentation was given by @jimmoran #SecretBK
  16. But it’s not there so could it be @leedscornex where we’ve had the largest audiences so far? #SecretBK
  17. Ok here we go. First get yourself to Brigate in Leeds. If you can’t find that have a look here #SecretBK
  18. Head for this shop at the top of Brigate then cross over the main road #SecretBK
  19. Ok now you’re over the road this is where you need to be #SecretBK
  20. At last here’s the venue for #SecretBK on Aug 9 start 7.30. See you there if you are lucky enough to have a ticket

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