We don’t have many rules for Bettakultcha. Here they are just as a reminder

  1. 20 Slides
  2. 15 seconds each
  3. 5 minutes only
  4. No pitches

Rule number 4 is close to our heart. We put together Bettakultcha to be different to other presentation events where the audience is being sold to. So we decided well before the very first Bettakultcha that we would not allow pitches.

We’re a very liberal team at Bettakultcha which is why there are only the 4 rules. Lately we feel the 4th rule has been violated so…

Anyone deemed to be pitching their commercial business in a Bettakultcha presentation will be BANNED from presenting at any future Bettakultcha events (including the Random Challenge) and any video recording we make of the presentation will be considered blasphemy and therefore ineligible for inclusion in the video archive. If in any doubt, speak to us first.

Hey they’re our rules, but they’re there to ensure everyone has a great night.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who came on November 2nd, we hope you had an amazing time


  1. Had a great time on Tuesday presenting about the Friends of Allerton Grange. Had some interesting tweets afterwards 🙂

    Look forward to doing a follow up and get more feedback!

  2. Had a rushed but nonetheless amazing time but a little confused as to rule 4 – quite a lot of us presenters do some sort of pitch, whether it's to spark interest in what concerns us, to put over an argument to sway people, etc and even good ol' Ivor T promotes his SatNav fort'soul interests so I don't quite get this.


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