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Welcome to the Privacy Policy page for Bettakultcha. As regular attendees will know we’re an open public platform that respects individuals, which means respecting the personal information that defines you as an individual and doing as much as we can to protect that information and process it in a responsible way.

This policy briefly and clearly outlines the types of personal information that Bettakultcha receives, why and how this data is processed, and how we keep it secure. Your use of this site, and participation of an event either as a speaker or audience member constitutes as an acceptance of this Privacy Policy.

We’re constantly working to improve everything we do and so it may mean altering this policy from time to time, so please check this page every so often to ensure you’re happy with any changes. If you’ve got a question regarding the policy and our privacy practices just get in touch at

Who are we

Bettakultcha organises events and provides presentation skills training. Our website address is: we also post content on

What personal information do we collect

We collect your first name, surname and email address. This data is collected and processed by us through newsletter sign-up forms, MailChimp and direct emails to

This same data is also collected and processed through Eventbrite for ticket bookings.

We also film speakers at events with their clear consent and post these on Youtube. We will respect anyone who does not want to be filmed or anyone who decides to have their video removed from public viewing. Video recording, editing and uploading is managed by professional events production company Filterlight however Bettakultcha will take responsibility and will make any changes if anyone believes their privacy has not been respected.

We occasionally use Google Analytics to track users to this site. This does NOT collect individual data which could be used to identify individuals e.g. name or email address. It does collect general details about location and usage. Find out more details about this below.

How and why do we use this data?

We use name and email address collected from sign up forms to send occasional newsletters securely through MailChimp. Here are more details on MailChimp’s security and privacy policies for how the company keeps this safe.

We send newsletters to promote our own events, potential training and opportunities for anyone to take part as a speaker at our events. They also come with presentation tips and videos of past talks. We hope you’re happy to keep receiving these, however you can unsubscribe from these emails at any time.

When you book a ticket through Eventbrite we temporarily use this data on nights to confirm pre-booked tickets and destroy any hard copies after the event. We also use Eventbrite to send reminder emails about the event (because we don’t want you to forget!). This data is processed separately to our mailing list. We ask you to clearly opt-in to our mailing list and you can simply do this by emailing  

When booking tickets to an event of ours Eventbrite collects and keeps your payment details safe and secure. Information such as card details is processed by us. Here are more details on Eventbrite’s security for e-commerce.

We use Google Analytics to track visitor traffic – how and when users visit our site. We are not able and don’t intend to market ourselves to any individuals in this way. You can find their Global Terms of Service here.

Who do we share your data with

We do not share or sell any data to any third parties.

How long do we retain data

Google Analytics data from this website is stored for the standard 26 months. This site does not collect any personal data from website visitors.

We are still devising our policy on our mailing list however we intend to make semi-regular checks and clear data we no longer need e.g. out of date email addresses. MailChimp has automatic procedures in place but we will do this on top of that.


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