Bettakultcha Presenter Badges – when will you get one?

Here at Bettakultcha we are aware of the creative effort involved in putting a presentation together. We’re aware of this because we have seen the standard of the presentations improve dramatically with each event. In recognition of this we would like to give each presenter a token of our thanks for their contribution.

In the past we have given mugs and wooden spoons and dubious greeting cards. We’re pleased to announce our new gift for each Bettakultcha presenter from now on will be – the Bettakultcha enamel badge!

Wear it with bold immodesty! You’ve put in the effort so tell the world about it. You will also be able to recognise your fellow presenters when you see them outside of the Bettakultcha environment.

Remember, only Bettakultcha presenters get one, so start thinking of your topic for the next Bettakultcha event.

Email Bettakultcha now to volunteer

Don’t just sit there coveting a Bettakultcha badge, email and volunteer to talk. It’s painless, honest.

By the way, the badges are 15mm square in size, not like, MASSIVE as the picture suggests.


  1. Had a great night with Bettakultcha at Huddersfield University last night. I got my Presenter’s badge and I shall wear it with pride. Here is a link to an extended version of my presentation.

  2. Cathy and I (and her bump) were very proud to get a badge each last night. Thanks to you all!


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