MetaBettaKultcha comes to a computer near you…

Here at Bettakultcha we have a particular attitude: ‘let’s make it happen‘.

As we have grown, thanks to the help of the wonderful community of people supporting Bettakultcha, our ideas have ballooned proportionately. And as Leeds has some talented and knowledgeable people who are equally willing to make things happen, we have an announcement to make.

MetaBettaKultcha has arrived.

For those of you who know a little bit about Ivor’s values and beliefs, the Mainstream Media is a constant target of his invective due to its biased and puerile content. Thanks to the internet, alternatives are now available to challenge this dominant force and it is with the greatest pleasure that we introduce the latest addition to this growing band of alternative voices; MetaBettaKultcha.

MetaBettaKultcha is going to be a monthly internet, livestream broadcast of… well, we’re not absolutely sure of the format just yet because we tend to make things up as we go along but the first broadcast will include some past presenters from BK who will chat about what makes them tick. The half hour show will be broadcast live from Ivor’s front room (yup, the technology exists to do this and we’re not too precious about production standards either) on Tuesday May 29th at 7.30 pm. The link you will need to log onto when the time comes will be here on this web page.

If the first broadcast is a bit hit and miss, then we will adopt the coding mantra of ‘fail fast and move on’. We fully intend this to be a regular broadcast so if you can contribute in any way, please get in touch. We are also considering having nearly all the broadcasts from peoples front rooms, so if you would like to volunteer your front room (property porn meets Bettakultcha) for a live show then, again, get in touch.

We look forward to your company on Tuesday May 29th at 7.30 pm and to reading out some of your tweets live on air!

NEWSFLASH! Collaboration is alive and well in Leeds and we are pleased to announce the involvement of Yorkshire Telly and Lumen Arts with this project. This means we will have sophisticated aspects to the show like two cameras, sound you can hear, people you can see… This is what we love about Leeds, the existence of a willing community of artists and technicians who are creating a cultural oasis in this monolithic modern society.


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