Meta Bettakultcha, how was it for you?

Last night at 8pm Bettakultcha stepped off into the abyss. We truly had no idea how Meta Bettakultcha would work, even if it would work. The whole event was run using a Google+ Hangout via the Bettakultcha Google+ account. Ivor was with Will Simpson in the studio, I was in my kitchen and the rest of the presenters where scattered around the Yorkshire and Spain!

We all logged in just before we went live to have a quick run through. Everything seemed ok, so at the signal from Will, Meta Bettakultcha went live. At it’s highest we had 15 viewers! But since then the YouTube version has had 150 views. We had a ball doing it, have a look and let us know what you think.

We loved it so much in fact, we’re already planning the next one for some time in January. If you want to take part, then please email with the subject line “Meta” and we’ll add you to the list of potential speakers.

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