Mark Harrop at Bettakultcha

Brilliant rant. May not be entirely safe for work there are a couple, well a lot, of expletives!


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  1. Many thanx to the Richard Michie and the Bettakultcha team for letting me have my rant. I had me a damn good time and met some good people.

    Apologies for being more Hammy's tales of the riverbank than Pictures at an exhibition – I'd bolstered myself with a reasonable amount of Dutch courage.

    Apart from the odd missing word, occasional expletive, out of synch photos and one or two other things there is one glaring mistake in that I stated '90% of the Britain is redundant farmland', this is not the case. What I meant to say was that only 10% of Britain is built on – housing, industry, roads, etc. do a better breakdown of land classification –

    I look forward to attending and maube presenting again in the near future.

    Thanx again.


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