Just how much fun can you have in five minutes?

Bettakultcha is a great event to share your passion about a subject you know really well. The format lends itself to that, 20 slides, 15 seconds each, making 5 minutes in total. It’s a great way to get over a message.

Why not push the boundaries?
Having said that we’re happy is people want to push the boundaries of the format. Here are few ideas for would be presenters.

  • A play in 20 acts – each slide can be a different scene. It could be a monologue or an ensemble cast
  • Interpretive dance! We’ve never said you have to talk!
  • Five minutes of song? Equally we’ve never said you can’t sing or rap over your slides
  • Poetry?
  • Using props? We had one guy use a blender?
  • Audience participation?

The only rules Bettakultcha has are:

  1. 20 slides
  2. 15 seconds each slide

So lets see who can bend em!

If you’d like to present then email bettakultcha@gmail.com and tell us if you want to present in Leeds or Bradford.

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