Jim Moran on Tin Tin – Bettakultcha

I’ve been waiting for this one for ages. Jim Moran tell you all why Tin Tin’s life is better than your’s could every be. But lets you find out how to get a little closer to it.


  1. I loved Jim's talk. I think that one point that Jim hinted upon but did not delve into in too much detail was the repetition of Tintin's life, and how this mirrors most of our's.

    Sure Tintin went through a series of amazing adventures, but his life was very cyclic, almost formulaic – it was his job after all. Is there another underlying message here that work and its supposedly powers to dull can be averted by seeking the variety and excitement within any opportunities that we can grasp in the working environment? Should we seek to push our employers so we can get out more? Not trying to be profound, just a thought.

  2. Hey Si, I only just noticed you comment (not been back on here admiring myself much). Thanks dude!

    I think we both share similar views here, and have both struggled to find a decent balance between doing stuff you love and stuff that pays the bills. I've always been wary of turning something I truly enjoy into a career for fear of turning it into something I loathe or resent.

    I think what we can learn from Tintin is that there are so many ways to apply your skills. The skills he has as a journalist are used to solve challenging tasks which only go to improve him further. His complete willingness to immerse himself completely and unconditionally into the *situation* is what sets him apart. I need to stop pigeonholing myself and allowing others to pigeonhole me. There's no dig at anyone, just the way things are.

    Much to be learned. I feel a second talk coming on. Can't wait for that…


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