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We’ve had several requests from people in far flung places asking if they can somehow give a presentation via technology during a live event. We decided against this as we feel a live event should be just that – real people in a room together.

However, the whole ethos of BettaKultcha is to be inclusive and diverse so we decided to develop the International BettaKultcha format using the technology that is available to us, namely Google+.

The idea is that we put on a regular BettaKultcha show and promote it in the same way as a live event but the venue is a Hangout on Google+. Ivor will host the event as usual and introduce the speakers in turn (a maximum of 8 speakers are allowed in the Hangout). Although there can only be a maximum of 9 people in total in the Hangout at any one time, anyone will be able to view the presentations live on YouTube from a link that we will supply.

Each presenter need’s a laptop with a decent wifi connection and a Google+ account.

So if you were one of the presenters in the Hangout, you would wait for your turn and commence your presentation at the prompt. The presentation would follow the rules of BettaKultcha and you would need to use 20 slides each lasting 15 seconds each. As the event would be live you would be unable to go back if you forgot what you were going to say etc.

The live-stream would be recorded and subsequently put out on various web-sites  so that those who were unable to catch the live-stream can view the show at a later date.

What we like about this idea is that we can have a group of presenters from different cities/villages around Britain/Europe (the world?) who could possibly give an insight into different cultures (although the presentation can be about anything so long as they follow the BettaKultcha golden rule: NO SALES PITCHES!). The default language would have to be English at this stage.

We think many BettaKultcha followers would find such a show fascinating and we can envisage the audience becoming very large very quickly for such an event. It is also our ambition to put live events on in places like Berlin, so if we have a couple of Berliners presenting in the Hangout and their friends pick up on it, it shouldn’t be too long before a large enough group of people in Berlin could sustain a real event in the city.

We are currently looking for presenters from anywhere in the world so if you are interested in this project please contact us and we’ll be in touch.

The date for the first ever event is Tuesday November 20th 2012 at 20.00 hrs GMT.

Please spread the word!

Confirmed Hangout presenters (subject to change):

Nick Taylor (@ikostar) New Zealand
Álvaro Andoin (@filmatu) Spain
Jon Beech (@_jonb) England
David Price OBE
(@davidpriceobe) England
Mic Wright (@brokenbottleboy) Ireland



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