If your names not down…

…your not coming in! Well at least if you haven’t booked your free tickets yet

Still looking for presenters
We now have nine presenters lined up, but we’re still looking for more. If you’re passionate about something and would love a captive audience of at least 30 people for five minutes then please send an email to:

bettakultcha@googlemail.com and we’ll add you to the list.

We’re really pleased with the number of tickets already snapped up. As a thank you (and maybe a little nudge) here’s a list of the people who have so far booked tickets, some have even booked more than one! So if you can see some of your friends here, why not book a ticket and come and enjoy the event with them.

  • Laura Morris
  • Ivor Tymchak
  • Marie Millward
  • Sascha Kennedy
  • Gaby Ferry
  • Ben Fox
  • Lisa Wisniowski
  • Rhiannon Hughes
  • Steve Crow
  • Paul Tinsley
  • Adam Smith
  • Matt Edgar
  • Susannah Chen
  • Clive Gott
  • Uncle Phil Wilson
  • Paul (The Bulletman) Kerfoot
  • Helen Macrorie
  • Mike Chitty
  • Stuart Childs
  • Lee Jackson
  • Philip Kirby
  • Alex Nelson
  • Louise Rea
  • Lord Whitney
  • emma bearman
  • Richard Michie

Looking forward to seeing you all there on the night.

If you still don’t have a ticket click here and book on now before it’s too late!

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