Hot, hot Bettakultcha in Huddersfield

Bettakultcha HuddersfieldIn the middle of the September heat wave, Bettakultcha arrived back at The Media Centre in Huddersfield. The first Bettakultcha in Huddersfield was a great night, with a really cosy feeling to the venue. It was like being in someone’s front room milling around was lovely.

We hoped our return to Huddersfield would be just as intimate. We weren’t disappointed at all. The six speakers we’re as you’d expect varied and intriguing. The video’s will come soon so there’s no point covering the talks. It was interesting to note an impromptu theme of money arrived. This was despite the fact that Ivor wasn’t presenting!

It feels like Huddersfield has really taken to Bettakultcha, so we’re looking forward to number three which will be coming soon.

I can’t leave this post without thanking Clare Danek, who helped us arrange Bettakultcha at The Media Centre and wish her good luck in her new freelance career.

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