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Presentation Skills Training

Bettakultcha is all about presenting ideas to an audience and the most successful presenters understand what makes an audience sit up and take notice.

These basic techniques can be learned by anyone once they have been explained and demonstrated in detail.

This is a tried and tested workshop that covers all aspects of presenting (not just the Bettakultcha format). NHS Digital, Arup and The University of Leeds are some of the organisations that have benefited from the training.

If you or your staff need confidence in preparing and delivering a memorable presentation, packed with authority and authenticity, then get in touch.

The training can be adjusted to varying levels of competence – from complete beginners to seasoned conference speakers. It can be delivered in-house or in a suitable venue with varying time durations from two hours to a full day.

Hire Bettakultcha

If you’d like to hire Bettakultcha to help your school, community, festival or business call 01924 278434 or email ivor@tymchak.com

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