Finding Bettakultcha Presenters

Poster graphicAt every event we try to impress on the audience that none of us would be here if it wasn’t for the presenters – they make the show the special occasion that it is.

This message must be failing to get through because recently we had to cancel a couple of gigs due to lack of presenters. Admittedly, there were other circumstances that exacerbated the situation (NB to self; don’t organise events for August) but even with regular events in places we’ve visited before we sometimes have to ask particular people to fill presenter slots.

There must be a huge pool of interesting people who have fascinating stories to tell in every town and city so I can only imagine that our message of user-generated content at Bettakultcha events isn’t getting through.

If it helps, look at it this way: your Bettakultcha presentation can be a gateway to other worlds – since doing her Bettakultcha debut, Lydia Slack is now carving out a career in public speaking as well as doing stand-up on the comedy circuit. Kate Booth and Alison Pilling are both developing their stand-up comedy routines after going down so well at various Bettakultcha events. Practical experience from the Random Slide Challenge helped one quick thinking lady to clinch a job interview when the interviewers sprang a surprise improvised task on her. I myself was inspired to make an award-winning film that originated from a Bettakultcha presentation – it really is that empowering. Has anyone else got a story they can share about a Bettakultcha presentation idea taking them to places that they never imagined?


In an effort to see if we can avoid future panics about presenter shortages we’ve decided to change the way in which events are organised. Instead of announcing a date and venue for a Bettakultcha event and then waiting for presenters to volunteer themselves, we’re going to list the towns and cities where we intend to hold an event and invite potential presenters to put their names down for any of those places before a date is announced.

Once a place has ten potential presenters on their list we will organise a date that will be in a few weeks time after the tenth person has added their name.

Of course, we realise that presenters won’t know if they will be available for the date that we eventually announce but we’re guessing that the majority will be and so we should have a good handful of presenters confirmed from the off and people can still volunteer as we approach the date.

So, people can take an active role in the instigation of an event. Instead of asking us when the next Huddersfield event is for example, they can look at the Huddersfield list of potential presenters and if it shows nine presenters, they can add their own name and trigger the organisation of the event. More power to you people. Start thinking about your presentation now.

If you want to present add your name in the comments section putting the place name first, eg; YORK: Jane Bloggs.

Current towns are: YORK, HEBDEN BRIDGE & HUDDERSFIELD (we don’t seem to have a problem with LEEDS which is why we announce a date first).


  1. Happy to do a presentation on why libraries can be noisy places!

    • Um, any particular town?

      • Sorry for tardy reply, York or Leeds is good for me! Thanks

  2. Huddersfield have a couple of ideas. Dates have never fallen right yet. Good idea to do it this way. Also cando Wakefield if you revisit there

  3. Huddersfield/Leeds. Kate Booth has put her name down as a presenter. Thanks Kate.

  4. Have performed at Ignite Liverpool twice before (exactly the same format) ; and am very much looking forward to the opportunity to speak in other cities. Have multiple ideas for talks. If you need any further information, don’t hesitate to ask!

  5. I’ve got another idea or two for a Bradford event!

  6. Bradford

  7. HUDDERSFIELD: Stephen Hampshire.

    As long as you don’t do it on a Wednesday again!

  8. Hello. The Bulletman is looking for the next op to speak at a BK event. One talk on education and another entitled ‘Kerfootball’. Is there a slot at Leeds? And/or can do any West Yorkshire location.

  9. Wow. This is one well hidden gem.
    Would love to to a TED style talk – so long as it’s Yorkshire as I’ve not had my shots for further afield yet!


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