Bettakultcha at City Screen in York

We returned to York in January 2014, after far too long. A big thanks to Paul Smith for helping us organise a sold out event at City Screen in the center of York.

We beat the impending floods, lost a speaker (but gained a stand in), learnt about the sex lives of ducks, found swear words around the world, discovered the power of Dr Who’s Sonic Screwdriver among many other things.

We’ll be back at City Screen York again on March 18th.

Here’s how the night unfolded. Enjoy!

Fiona Evans

Paul Smith
Tom Wright

Charlotte Chester

Ivor Tymchak

Mary Ratcliffe

Sophie Jewett – Not actually Sophie Jewett

Richard Michie

David Bannister

Vicky Wilkie

Beckie Senior

And of course the gallant Random Challengers…

Did Starbucks originate near York?

Tom Grady discusses how a small village near York can inspire a great work of literature and a world wide coffee chain*.

*Other purveyors of a hot beverages are available.

Paul Smith on Paul Young

Yes that’s right, Paul Smith’s presentation features 80’s pop/soul icon Paul Young. If you are offended by the “Everywhere I lay my Hat” singer I suggest you move along now.

The first silent Bettakultcha

Helen Harrop’s Bettakultcha is very, very powerful. Sustaining this is very difficult and the whole audience at Orillo Cinema in York sat in awe. Well worth five minutes of sitting in silent contemplation.

Did 2000AD predict the future?

Dave Bannister is a life long 2000AD fan. More than just a classic comic, did the writers and artists of icon characters like Judge Dredd predict the future? Dave thinks they did.

From Bettakultcha York.

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