Comics or Graphic novels?

Essentially comics are a gateway drug to graphic novels and from there art and self expression – discuss. But only once you’ve watched Paul Smith take us on his own journey.

SPIDERS! David Craven at Bettakultcha York

I know someone who’s so afraid of spiders she can end up in tears in a corner just by seeing a house spider. I’d advise her not to watch David’s talk, even though it dispels loads of myths about our arachnid friends.

Carlotta Allum on prison food

In a definite first, Carlotta tells Bettakultcha York about her time incarcerated in America on charged with being a drug mule! One of her main issues, other than the loss of her liberty, the food.

Bettakultcha at York University

A small gathering came to see the beautiful people of York Share their thoughts and ideas. We seemed to have a vague architecture theme, totally by chance of course.

Tara Copplestone

James Christopher

Julie Allinson

Jaanika Reinvald

Paul Smith

Jim Wilson

Anna Oulton

Phill Grey

Carolyn Dougherty

The lost York Bettakultcha

You know when time gets away from you and you know there’s something to do, but you just forget to do it? Well that happened to the videos from Bettakultcha in York from June last year. Sincere apologies to all the presenters for my tardiness.

So, at last, enjoy the night we had in June at Orillo Studios.

Andrew Collingwood

Mat Lazenby

Aanisaa Dutt

Mark Moorhouse

Paul Smith

Richard O’Hare

Joanne Casey

Ned Potter

Random Challenge

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