Jim on Graham Green

Jim Compares two of Graham Green’s greatest novels, Brighton Rock and the Heat of the Matter and looks at their deeper themes. From Bettakultcha York in February 2015.

How do you hide a battleship?

How do you hide something as massive as a battleship? Paint it in bright colours and cubist abstract patterns of course! Beckie Senior tells the story of Dazzle Camouflage at Bettakultcha York.

It’s not about the money


Money is a medium of exchange but the map is not the territory.

Let me explain.

The other night we had a Bettakultcha event in the Basement of City Screen in York. It was to be our seventh event in York and Richard and myself were worried about the turnout: a week before the event we had just enough presenters to put on a show if Richard and me were in the line-up too. And no-one had bought any tickets yet.


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