When you have no idea who Little and Large are

This is one of the best Bettakultcha Random Challenges we’ve ever had, firstly because these teenagers had the bottle to take this on in front of a large crowd, but also down to the fact that they had no idea who any of these 70’s/80’s comedians are. Pure joy in a bottle!

Filmed at Leeds Corn Exchange as part of Leeds Laughter Fest

Outsider Prisoner Art

Carlotta Allum speaks from experience about the complications of outsider art. A big thank you to Carlotta for putting this talk together at the very last minute.

Taken from Secret Arts Bettakultcha at Wharf Chambers Leeds

Explaining design to five year olds

How do you explain graphic design to a group of five year olds? Here Dean Vipond re-creates his experience from a recent visit into a primary school.

Part of Secret Arts Bettakultcha filmed at Wharf Chambers in Leeds.

Spot Explained

We’ve all read Spot, the everyday tale of a small dog going to school with his animal friends. But have you really dissected it? Thought about it’s true meaning? Well Harrison Richards has.

From Secret Arts Bettakultcha held at Wharf Chambers in Leeds

Made up words

Lawrence professes that people make up words to throw you off the scent of what they mean. Words are mashed together to create new or nonsense words just to keep you out or give you a sense of inclusion depending on what their priority is. Marketers are particular culprits!

Filmed at Secret Arts Bettakultcha at Wharf Chambers in Leeds

What makes something Art?

A very deep question from Mark and not one he declares to have the answers to either. But then who does, and who gives them the right to say that?

From Secret Arts Bettakultcha at Wharf Chambers in Leeds.

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