How would you describe Bettakultcha?

How would you describe Bettakultcha

We asked Twitter, how would you describe Bettakultcha? Pat Hadley gave us the brilliant quote you see above. We’d love to know how you’d describe Bettakultcha. Leave your thoughts in the comments section or post it on Twitter with the hashtag #Bettakultcha.

Bettakultcha – Is the North Going South?

On January 21st we return to The Brudenell Social Club in Leeds with a Bettakultcha we’ve entitled “Is the North going South?”. As well as returning to the Brudenell we’ve also pleased to welcome back Andrew Critchett’s Fish& who will be feeding you all in the car park. Old timers will remember him serving amazing food way back when we held Bettakultcha V at Left Bank.

Fish& at Bettakultcha

Early bird tickets are available until January 14th for only £6 each, after that they rise to £8 so save yourself a few bob and get yours now by visiting our Events Page.

The current speaker line-up is stellar for this Bettakultcha, as it includes:

Poet Kate Fox

Billy Hanshaw (creator of the new Doctor Who title sequence)

Journalist Peg Alexander

Doer of Internet things Si Wilson

YouTube Jockey Tim Ineaux

Chief Exec of Leeds Council Tom Riordan

Writer Elly Snare

Ball of energy Chris Ingold

Straight talking Ted Wainwright

Bucket Handle Howard Walker and Journalist Evelyn Robinson – No videos yet, they’re new to Bettakultcha!

Plus of course 4 Random Challengers – It could be you!

Don’t hold us to the list, it can be pretty fluid!

BettaKultcha Base Camp – Free!

Base camp

Have you always wanted to present at Bettakultcha but felt you didn’t have enough confidence?

Or are you a regular presenter who wants to improve your skills?

Here at Bettakultcha we’re passionate about helping people to realise their potential so we’ve organised a feedback group to give presenters a chance to trial their talks before they go on the big stage.

Anyone wanting to run an idea past a group of seasoned BK goers can do so in a supportive atmosphere. You don’t need a fully formed presentation or all twenty slides – the idea behind the group is to encourage good presentations in whatever way we can. You can also come purely as an observer to pick up whatever tips you find useful.

We might have regular talks from experienced people giving hints and tips about all aspects of speaking (yeah, in the BK tradition we’re going to make this up as we go along).

The first meeting will be on Monday 15th December at Steelcase Solutions, 14 King Street (ground floor), Leeds LS1 2HL commencing at 6.30pm.

This initial meeting is free and we’re going to limit the numbers to twenty. If the demand is high enough we will organise subsequent meetings and adjust the structure to meet the needs of the attendees.

If you want to attend can you please fill in the form

In case we get inundated we might have to limit the number of check-out sessions.

Our first podcast – Episode 1 – Beacons Festival

We’ve been mulling it over for a while. but finally Ivor broke and bought a microphone for his iPad. Once this was in his hand there was no stopping him. So here we are the first Bettakultcha podcast.

The purchase of the microphone coincided with Bettakultcha doing four sets at Beacons Festival, so we thought what better way to start the Bettakultcha podcasts than with a review of what went on that wet weekend in August.

Bettakultcha podcast – Episode 1

We have loads of other podcasts “in the can” already which feature extended discussions with some of the presenters who have spoken at Bettakultcha over the last few years.

This first podcast is on SoundCloud only at the moment, but we’ll have it available on ‘iToons’ soon (thanks Si Wilson).

Please let us know what you think in the comments.

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