Bettakulthca 4

Thanks so much to everyone who came to Bettakultcha 4 last night. It really was the best night we’ve had so far. Kind of amazing ourselves by the sheer number of people who came and all the great tweets about the event. We hope you were all bored, inspired, entertained, fed, watered and exhausted in equal measure because that’s what Bettakultcha is all about.

A special thanks has to go to John Popham who has managed to get videos done so quickly.

I’m not going to review it here for several reasons.
a) I was running around so much I’ll give a crap review
2) I don’t have time
iii) I’m sure there’ll be plenty of blogs else where who can do a much better job.
d) I’m going to post all the videos which gives you a much better idea anyway

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  1. Review of last night for the Temple Works blog currently in progress 🙂
    Please could you tell me the names and twitter ids of the guys who gave the Rat Boy talk?
    Thanks! Claire 🙂


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