Bettakultcha returns to York in June

Bettakultcha YorkWe loved Orillo Studios so much we decided to come back on June 4th. York is such a great place for Bettakultcha, the whole city exudes with possibilities. It’s the perfect place for Bettakultcha to blossom.

We’re looking for people to come and share their passions. You can cover any subject in any way as long as you stick to the golden rules of Bettakultcha:

20 Slides
15 seconds each slide

We try and encourage people to break the barriers of the rules we set. No one says you need to speak over your slides, we’ve had lip syncing, musical instruments and silence. We are yet to have interpretive dance, but I’m sure that’ll come soon!

If you have a burning idea you just have to get out of yourself email and we’ll add you to the list.

If you’d rather sit and take in the ideas as they pass you by, then you can get your tickets for Bettakultcha York here.

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