Bettakultcha needs a new banner

If you’ve got this far you’ve spotted that our banner is far too deep! We loved the picture, well we would it’s me and Ivor. But the fact that’s it’s too deep is just getting in the way now. So in true Bettakultcha fashion we thought we’d ask you, our fair readers, if you fancied coming up with a new banner design for the site.

The winner will be added to the site with of course credit given to the winning designer. If we have enough great entries we may well rotate them so everyone gets some time in the sun. How we’ll judge the best design hasn’t been thought through yet, but we’ll decide that later.

What’s the theme then?

As always there’s no theme, but as a starter how about what you perceive Bettakultcha to be. Go on let your imagination run riot.

The banner image needs to be a JPG 1000 pixels by about 150 pixels, please email your designs to

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