Bettakultcha III what the heck happened!

Bettakultcha III was, if I say so myself, a great evening. In the end we had 13 outstanding speakers and we sold 80 tickets, downside was it pissed it down all night. Still we were all indoors so made no difference really.

Organising the event means that we struggle to really relax and enjoy the event so rather than me give you a run down which won’t do the event justice I thought a better idea would be to link to reviews on other blogs.

Backwards Lion : Better Culture through Bettakultcha
Never Quite Ready : Bettakultcha III
Phylecia on Pr & Social Media : Social Media Narcissism

For the real insight come back soon because we’ll add all the videos of the presenters to the blog as they come in.

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  1. Sorry I couldn't make this one – sounds like a great time 🙂 Definitely make the next one


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