The Importance of Failure!

teslaEvHow many ideas were born in the despair of failure?
How many inventions followed thousands of failed prototypes?
How much time do we waste because we’re too proud to admit that a cause is lost?

Answer those questions and more on the 28th of January at Bettakultcha’s first ever themed event. Every presenter will share their own stories onthe importance of failure.We might learn from their mistakes, or be inspiredby their discoveries. Or maybe something unexpected will happen.

We’re taking a risk and tweaking the rule book for this one. It’s still the Bettakultcha you know and love but slides are optional and youcan pay what you like to attend.Perhaps we’ll fail, but hopefully we won’t. Either way, we hope to learn something from this event and we think you will too. We’re excited to have some amazing speakers lined up already, including some of your favourites and some you’ve never seen before.

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Tom Riordan- @tomriordan

He’s taught us more than we thought there was to know about dominoes and we can’t wait to see what the CEO of Leeds City Council has in store for us next.

Joanne Lee – @generalistjo

Joanne is an artist/writer/publisher and Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University. She speaks regularly on art, education and the overlooked everyday, aiming to inspire a renewed sense of curiosity in the world about us.

Lee Jackson – @leejackson

Lee speaks professionally in schools and coaches people on presentation skills.

Mike Wallis – @nalsa

The day job involves computers. The rest of the time, Mike is a cook, chocolatier, cake judge, clown, comedian (of sorts), conversationalist and camera holder. He has opinions, only some of which are wrong. If he’s not ranting about something then check he’s breathing, please. You may have seen him on the telly, for which he can only apologise.

Phil Heath @philhea

Used to be tall, dark and not very handsome and as I get older Im shrinking and gone grey still one in three statements still works! A consultant in allsorts if you want it done I can get it done you just have to ask. Speak and train all over the world however where I have been in the last few years trouble has always followed Egypt, Turkey and Ukraine lets hope that this doesnt happen in Leeds after tonight!

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