Bettakultcha Design Competition

At Bettakultcha we like to stir things up a bit and for Bettakultcha III (still time to book folks) we want to keep on that vein.

So we are launching a design competition as always the rules are simple.

  • Interpret “Bettakultcha” 

That’s it one rule, you can do exactly what you want. Cool eh?

But what will you do with the designs?
Well we’ll display them all at Bettakutcha III, ask people to choose their favourites and then have those made into a limited run of t-shirts.

The winner will of course recieve a free t-shirt and the remainder will be for sale. Think we may even have them numbered to make it even more special!

We’ll also post all the entries on to the blog along with Links to your site/twitter/facebook etc.

Ok so how do I enter?
That easy, do your design. Scan it or photograph it and then email it to

You can enter as many times as you like.

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