Bettakultcha 4

Glad to say that the date for Bettakultcha 4 has now been announced. The fourth evening will be on Tuesday 21st September at Temple Works in Holbeck.

We’ve moved to a bigger room and increased the number of people we can get in to 100.

The format stays the same

  • All presentations will only be 20 slides long
  • Each slide will last only 15 seconds before it goes on the next one 
  • When 5 minutes finishes so does the presentation 
  • No sales pitches

Numbers are strictly limited to 100
So to be sure you get a chance to see these great presentations in advance you’ll need to reserve your place quickly. As a big bloke once said “If your name’s not down you’re not coming in”.

£5.00 per ticket
The £5 just goes to cover running costs insurance, we now need an additional entertainment licence, PA, Video People etc.

Bring your own bottle!
Just like all the classiest restaurants used to do, Bettakultcha with be a Bring Your Own Bottle event and we won’t even charge for corkage! And we will be providing a few cork screws and provide glasses too.

To book your place visit our Eventbright page now.

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