Bettakultcha 2 – late review

Really sorry this review is so late after the Bettakultcha 2. It’s been a crazy week.

The evening was another great success (though I say so myself) we had another sell out with 60 people taking in the great presentations on hand. We even had a halftime flautist!

I’ll keep this pretty short for two reasons:
1. The videos will be coming soon and they show you what it was really like
c. I’m getting on a remembering what happened is getting harder

First up was @bangsandabun with probably the weirdest stalking story ever suffice to say it involves Idris Elba from The Wire. Next @ivortymchak with a discussion on his art and where it came from.

@DJBogtrotter followed Ivor with an illuminating 5 minutes on Webcomics a subject on which most of the audience were unaware of. Well after DJBogtrotter had finished no one was in the dark anymore. who knew there were so many!

Next came @leejackson with his inspiring education piece. Inspiring youngsters to fulfil their potential is a tough call but Lee brings it to life with aplomb. Following Lee was Paul Kerfoot @thebulletman – with his inspirational talk on achievement and happiness.

Following a short flautist break @squiggle told us all about hacking – making robots, 3D printers etc out of what ever they can lay their hands on. He had quite a few interesting conversations after with the Savages. @richardmichie (AKA @bettakultcha) explained why everyone was at Bettakultcha that night and made an impassioned plea for people to volunteer as speakers for Bettakultcha 3 (if you want to volunteer please email

@101ofawolf was next up, a seasoned traveller she gave amazing tips about ensuring you ring the most out of your time, you’re only alive once! Next was a joint 5 minutes from @leedssavages telling the story of the original Leeds Savages Club it’s dramatic and crazy downfall and its modern-day resurrection.

@haydencohen closed the evening with his presentation entitled “Iím going to tell you who to vote for” needless to say, we were all still as up in the air at the end as before he started but thinking a lot more about why we were still confused!

We were particularly pleased with the coverage we received in the Leeds Section of the Guardian. Videos will follow soon.

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