Bettakultcha – Phew!

Nerves were frayed last night before the start of the first Bettakultcha at Temple Works last night. It seemed an age since we’d sat down in and pitched the idea to Temple Works. Before we pitched it was just an idea, but then they went and agreed to it! So once the reality kicked in Richard (@richardmichie) and Ivor (@ivortychak) had got get their arses in gear and actually put the bloody thing together.

Luckily we had a lot of help with the loan of a projector from @mikechitty videoing by @mediasquared and carousing and cajoling new speakers from @philkirby and @templeworks as well as a whole host of tweeters who helped to spread the word all over Leeds.

For me the night went as a blur, I’d been practicing all day as well as fitting together the master slides. Presentations where coming in as late as 5 o’clock but that was nothing compared to the one that arrived on the night! All a recipe for disaster you’d think. But on the night all ran pretty smoothly.

First up was Laura Morris (@brahmagency) who bravely kicked off the events with an inspired 5 minutes on Squash and then promptly left to go and have a game! She really did believe in what she talked about! Robert St-John Smith (@Chance4321) who told tales of Lesbian Vampire Nuns and the making of his film Mortus Illumina.

Next was Richard Michie (@richardmichie) with a rant on getting back to analogue and taking your time. Irony really that it was only 5 minutes long and you can’t get more digital than PowerPoint, but he likes to make life hard for himself!

Susan Williamson (@templeworks) gave an inspiring 20 slides on architecture and how it shapes and moulds our lives. Mike Chitty (@mikechitty) asked the audience to look at change and how we could all increase Social Capital.
Just before the break late entrant Harvi Riatt (@harv1), told us all about how his family had moved all over the world, and Scarborough, but come back to Beeston to try and make a difference in the community.

After a short break for the essentials, Matt Edgar (@mattedgar) gave us all the story of skulduggery and industrial espionage in Leeds entitled “How to get ahead in business the Boulton and Watt way”. Following Matt the The Story Hunters (@andjambro and @josephbcollins) tried to explain the dimensions of time, space, fairies, fractals, unicorns, superheroes and God!

Kazoos, the brilliance of Google, being in a band and creating your own record label from scratch was the subject of Ed Waring’s (@edhombre) brilliant 5 minutes. Jon Eland (@strawbleu) then regaled Bettakultcha with “a quick guide to being a benevolent dictator” which we’re sure he’s not!

Susan Williamson (@templeworks) then did her second slot of the night, thanks Susan. This time she spoke on a very, very unusual wedding involving members of her family. I’ll leave it there. Closing the official speakers was Ivor Tymchak (@ivortymchak) with Sat Nav for the Soul, a thought full look at looking where your life is going and how you can make sure you’re heading in the right direction.

As a final flurry, Bettakultcha challenged anyone from the audience to present the mystery PowerPoint. 20 slides 15 seconds each with totally random slides, The Story Hunters (@andjambro and @josephbcollins) and Lee Jackson (@leejackson) took up the challenge and did an amazing job in the sight to a really crazy set of slides.
The conversations continued into the night at the Midnight Bell in Holbeck.

So thanks to everyone who came, presented, loaned us equipment and time. Looks like this won’t be the last Bettkultcha, there’ll be another very soon. Once we have our breath back.

Video’s should be available soon – watch this space


  1. And much fun it was too, looking forward to the next one already

  2. Sounds like I missed a great night! Looking forward to the next one though.

  3. Which am I not – a dictator or benevolent?

    Only kidding – great write up, wonderful evening!



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