Be random! Go on!

One of the highlights of Bettakultcha is the random challenges at the end. This is where a member of the audience, usually after several drinks, decides that they fancy a crack at that presenting lark. So up they come and do their best to present to 10 slides they’ve never seen before. It’s harder than it looks.

Some people excel at the random challenge and some die on their arse. Normally I create the random challenges, but for the next Bettakultcha at the Brudenell I’d like to open it up to you the punters.

If you want to get involved, send over 10 PowerPoint slides with your random content (no video or sound please) to

Don’t show anyone else your slides, so we keep the mystery up. Ensure you include your twitter address so we can give you credit on the night. To be included at the Brudenell they need to be emailed by Sunday 19th February.

To help you out I’ve attached the infamous Bunny Random Challenge as a template.

By the way there’s no guarantee they’ll be used, but if I do choose yours I’ll let you know before the night.


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