Bettakultcha the Professionals

Sometimes we are asked to hold special Bettakulthca events for groups, organisations and even businesses. Early in 2016 we ran an event at Thorpe Park in Leeds for the Professional Speakers Association (PSA). No everyone in the PSA is a paid professional speaker, but the aim of the group is for people to improve their skills with a the ambition of being one.

We approached the evening no differently to a normal Bettakultcha, same rules – 20 slides, 15 seconds each slide, NO Sales Pitches.¬†For your delectation here are the members of the PSA’s Bettakultcha talks.

If you’d like to speak to us about putting on a Bettakultcha event for your business or group send email

David Taylor

Emma Sutton

Eva Doyle

Karina Clappison

Michael Brodie

Phil Heath

Random Challenge 1

Randon Challenge 2

Random Bettakultcha – The Videos

In January 2016 we held our first and, so far, only night full of Random Challenges. None of the presenters had seen the slides, we had no idea how or if the night would work.

Sue Everett

Sue has been a regular proponent of the Bettakultcha Random Challenge. It’s clear to see why she has a great turn of phrase and goes on brilliant flights of fancy. Oh and she swears like a trouper! NSFW

Jim Murdoch takes to the stage

All the talks will be added to this page, so make sure you pop back regularly to see more. (more…)

What kind of Nut are you?

What kind of nut are you? Don’t think there’s much else can be said to describe this great talk. Once you’ve watched it feel free to tell us which type of nut you and your friends are.

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