Alex Boyle at Bettakultcha VI – High Royds

Fascinating talk by Alex Boyle on High Royds Asylum. Really must take a look myself

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  1. Fascinating talk and nice to see it on here, especially as I didn't go to bettakultcha. I noticed on Twitter what the subject of your talk was, Alex, so had to have a look.

    I thought I'd add my own little anecdote on this topic, which shows a lot about attitudes to the mentally ill – and maybe why it's important to know your local history!

    I moved to Bradford aged about 12 and was a bit surprised that whenever anyone did something that other kids considered a bit stupid, they would shout: "Menston" at you or "That was a bit Menston". Because I wasn't from Bradford orginally, it took me a little while to work out they were referring to High Royds and what that meant. Now every time I go through Menston or hear the station name called when I'm waiting for a train, that's what I think of. School kids can be cruel, but also I don't think most of them had any idea what they were saying.

    It really is a piece of local history I don't think many people know much about, so well done on your talk.


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