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Hire Bettakultcha

Since 2010 we’ve curated a lot of Bettakultcha events, from small intimate gatherings, to large audiences in auspicious surroundings such as Leeds Town Hall, where we had around 350 people attending.

As well as our own events we’ve run Bettakultchas for schools, universities, council departments and businesses. Bettakultcha is a format people can easily work with, it allows them to have a free exchange of ideas without the pressure to create long and detailed talks.

We’ve thought a lot about our success with Bettakultcha and we’re ready to launch two new products.

Event Management

Bettakultcha at Rise

A start-up hub in Manchester called ThinkRise commissioned us to put on a Bettakultcha event for their venue and stakeholders. We marketed it, organised the speakers and delivered the event successfully on the night.

ThinkRise wanted an event that encouraged a cross-fertilisation of ideas within the hub and fostered a sense of community. It was our job to plant those seeds of creativity.

As a business tool for encouraging innovation, community and creativity within an organisation, Bettakultcha is the perfect vehicle for delivering these difficult-to-cultivate elements.

We can either run the events for you or train members of your staff how to organise and compere the event so you can run it regularly in-house. You can then license the Bettakultcha name to help promote it.

If you have a regular event (awards dinner, conference) that you want organising thoroughly and efficiently without the trouble of doing it yourself, we can do that for you too.

Presentation Skills Training

Bettakultcha is all about presenting ideas to an audience and the most successful presenters understand what makes an audience sit up and take notice.

These basic techniques can be learned by anyone once they have been explained and demonstrated in detail.

This is a tried and tested workshop as several further education establishments and multinational organisations are already utilising this training.

If you or your staff need confidence in preparing and delivering a memorable presentation, packed with authority and authenticity, then get in touch.

The training can be adjusted to varying levels of competence – from complete beginners to seasoned conference speakers. It can be delivered in-house or in a suitable venue with varying time durations from two hours to a full day.

Hire Bettakultcha

If you’d like to hire Bettakultcha to help your school, community, festival or business call 07904 503751 or email Bettakultcha@gmail.com

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