Matt Abbott the Bettakultcha Podcast

Matt Abbott podcastIn this podcast which was recorded last year (it’s a long story which I won’t go into now) Matt Abbott describes his meteoric rise to fame as Skint and Demoralised and his equally sudden descent into the streets of Ossett to be er, skint and demoralised…

Don’t worry though, everything turns out all right as Matt is now a leading light in A Firm of Poets which is a touring troupe of spoken word artistes.

He also runs a vintage shop in Wakefield so his empire is starting to grow and he’s still only twenty six years old! I had a great time chatting to this terrific bloke so enjoy the conversation

How would you describe Bettakultcha?

How would you describe Bettakultcha

We asked Twitter, how would you describe Bettakultcha? Pat Hadley gave us the brilliant quote you see above. We’d love to know how you’d describe Bettakultcha. Leave your thoughts in the comments section or post it on Twitter with the hashtag #Bettakultcha.

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