Happy birthday to Bettakultcha!

It slipped past me and Ivor but according to twitter, Bettakultcha was born on January 29th 2010 at 16.18.

We had no idea that we’d still be here two years later and that we’d have completed over 20 Bettakultcha events in three cities. So far 2,262 tickets have been sold and over 150 people have shared their passion with the lovely people of West Yorkshire.

We always say, we make this up as we go along. As the Bettakultcha events add up we’ve got some of the elements down pat now, but we still have a long way to go.

Where will we go next?

We really don’t know at the moment (we make it up as we go along, remember), there are lots of irons in the fire and more details will be announced soon.

At the moment we have three Bettakultcha’s for you to choose from:

Bettakultcha @ Life Online

Bettakultcha has been asked to host an evening of presentations at the National Media Museum in Bradford on Saturday 31st March 2012.

This special Bettakultcha forms part of the museum’s Life Online exhibition launch. There’ll be the usual mix of presenters on all kinds of subjects you never knew you needed to know about. At previous events we’ve had: saw players, mountaineers, scientists and poets. Bettakultcha @Life Online will be no different.

Places are strictly limited to 80 due to the intimate space the museum has provided us. This means that you can get up close and personal to the presenters.

We already have Tom Scott as a confirmed speaker. Anyone who saw him at last summer’s Bettakultcha in Leeds will know they’re in for a treat already.

Book early

Book early after March 1st tickets will be £12.50 each. Not that we expect any to be left!

The format as always is:

  • 20 slides
  • 15 seconds each

You can get your tickets here

Want to present?

If you would like to present please email bettakultcha@gmail.com with a short description of your topic. Remember passion wins! Pitches will be stopped.

BettaKultcha in Berlin

It all started when I sent a link to Paul Scraton about my visit to Berlin. Paul worked in Leeds for several years and now lives in Berlin (or so I’ve gathered). He picked up on BettaKultcha from my blog and, curiosity aroused, asked when the next event was. As a joke, I suggested we could set one up in Berlin. He replied that he had had the same thought…

This sent my head spinning and suddenly there was a possibility of tying in Jet2 (who are opening a direct route between Leeds and Berlin from June), social weekends with BettaKultcha friends including an actual BettaKultcha event in Berlin and possible reciprocal visits from Berliners to Leeds. Eventually, couch surfing arrangements could cut the travel costs and foster links with one of the biggest cultural capitals in the world. The PR opportunities are also inviting.

Currently, Paul is investigating possible venues in Berlin and checking out the English speaking social enclaves existing there. Alan Lansdowne is a multi-lingual travel expert who is also a BettaKultcha aficionado and he’s investigating travel arrangements. To make the Berlin trip a reality we need to maximise all possible connections so if any of you have contacts there, know any bloggers or people on twitter, then please get in touch.

At this stage we’re just checking the logistics but who would be interested in a weekend trip to Berlin to take in the first ever BettaKultcha in this historic city?

Nigel Vardy a man of many colours and hats

How many hats can one man wear? A load is the answer. If you can count just how many leave your answer in the comments. No there’s not a prize just a counting contest.

Take is away Nigel.


Steve Manthorp at Xmas

What better present can there be than Steve Manthorp at Christmas? There are things you never knew you never knew and Steve always uncovers them for you. Yet again he comes up trumps.


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