20 slides… 15 seconds…

1 hell of a night…


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What kind of Nut are you?

What kind of nut are you? Don’t think there’s much else can be said to describe this great talk. Once you’ve watched it feel free to tell us which type of nut you and your friends... read more

The other side of the Corbyn Coin

You’ve seen Maxie Wade’s love song for Jeremy Corbyn, now Chris Ingold give his turn on the Labour Messiah. Keep up at the back, Chris goes at 100MPH! Filmed as part of Bettakultcha at Leeds Comedy Fest at the Corn... read more

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Where have we been?

We’ve been to a fair few places since the first Bettakultcha at Temple Works in Leeds in 2010. So many in fact we thought we should make a map! If we’ve forgotten any please let us know.


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